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My brother-in-law

Last year, my brother-in-law entered a University, the village folks crowding into the House to celebrate,and bursts of applause, and its warm atmosphere than the village to marry marry.
Za in the village in the Mountain West, once upon a time the village had been illiterate. There is a funeral in the village, are mountains in marriage Ben wrote compact, couplet. Spring Festival couplet, othersshould make Hill ask for written the crib is thriving, posted at the bedside, let relatives and friends outsideof the mountain when the jokes. Uneducated, bitter pit the villagers, is said to be 2. 3 dollars a pound forgoods, merchants buy 80 Yuan, some people just don’t know how much pounds, only a pound a pound tosell. Some customers take full advantage of the buying into the mountains, also quipped: hole married couples do not want to go here.
After the founding of new China, the Government has sent three times intellectuals to our village-runevening classes, some villagers off blind. Weddings and write, no more mountains to ask. Reform and opening up, our village is also set up a primary school, young villagers are now have primary schooleducation. Villagers have cultural, read mountains beyond civilization, increase of knowledge, planting trees and fruit planting medicinal herbs in the mountains and soon became rich. 90, villagers collected moneyoutside the Hill Road, car and tractor traffic, goods shipped, money into the bag. Businessmen buying intomountain get smart did not dare to, accounts were false. Villagers have tasted the sweetness of knowledge,and entered high school, put their children in the County, and spared, choosing schools for their children to go to school, expected to cultivate a college student.
God was good enough last year, my brother-in-law with 641 points high score was admitted to Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Admissions book sent to the night, villagers gathered at the House to celebrate,Secretary of the village speaks of celebrating, brother-in-law who also form the State, whose speech wasinterrupted by a burst of applause, and had to stop several times, such as after the applause again.
Applause, applause is the brother-in-law of praise, is the brother-in-law of encouragement. Encouragedhim to study science, learn to make hometown more prosperous in the future.


She is a junior at teachers ‘ colleges, long hair, round face, childlike smile like pomegranate flowers, brilliant.When summer vacation comes, home town kids flocked to her home, in her courtyard under the pomegranate tree Central, built a few calcareous plates, line up a camp Chair, they built a classroom the trees, of course, her volunteer tutor does not charge any fees, she just wanted to use the holiday fun for early experience as a teacher in the future.
First days, she to a dozen a rural Eva of class, Blue stone table Shang no chalk, is recumbent with several soft of big green insect, scare have she face pale, hold head fled, a hit pomegranate tree Shang, amount Shang immediately up has a big red, big package reminded she, himself no longer is according to people of bird, but led of geese, so she trembling to go back class, with trembling of hand suddenly grabbed green slate Shang that several big green insect, forced dumped to wall outside, then loudly led with children were read up: We are not afraid of any difficulties,because we are strong children.
Cost of tears
Her birds sing, very vivid. She never kept a straight face hole loud scolding. Her voice inflections,euphemism, no matter how naughty the children, will be this wonderful sound traction to the realm of knowledge. Suddenly has once, she actually in a dozen a children before whispered sobbing up, original a dozen a children wrong has same road mathematics problem, carefully asked, only knows children were actually mutual copy job, she dedicated heart watering unexpectedly issued has cheat of bud, she how can not grievance have tears does, a both innocent of eyes looked with himself of teacher tears, only knows himself of behaviour has heavy of hurt has teacher of heart, a took to the went to, put teacher surrounding has a covered, some bow to teacher admitted errors, Some took out his handkerchief to wipe away tears,but her tears did not flow in vain, when the summer ends, a dozen rural under the pomegranate tree class dolls made satisfactory answers to her.
Governess but
Also has discomfited her, when helpless. For example, her boyfriend at her home in Worthing children clinging to a window, blocking the door, commenting, and alarmist, and some say looks like a little monkey, some said looks like a giraffe, Make her laugh and, what is even more puzzling is, a seven year old girl called little better pulled her to the door of a corner, quietly in her ear, innocent said: teacher,do not want this boyfriend, looks ugly, it‘s not handsome then you tell me who is handsome? My father that‘s guy. A sentence makes her laugh or cry.
Yoyo conrack
She gets along with kids for a month, in the minds of children occupies an important position, they are allnatural thinks that the teachers are themselves. During the day, she likes girls who jumped tie, male baby who drags her stolen to participate in their Eaglechicken game. Each time she came to class under apomegranate tree, are used to look at the slate, Blue stone never comes up on things such as Caterpillar,but often there is a fudge, a sorbet or an Apple. Despite the fudge, ice cream, Apple is not imported, but her heart is sweet like eating honey!

Survey of graduate

Nowadays, the graduate trainees minimum wage of 600 Yuan for the period, are not uncommon. Theinitiative lies in the hands of the employer, buyer’s market leading graduates lost on wage bargaining chip.When a student‘s identity is equated with a babysitter when the Fortune, aura has faded. In nearly threeyears, along with the rapid increase of personnel, resulting in competition for jobs increases pressure,corporate choices is too wide, thus to a certain extent, lead to lower salary of university graduates, someeven exclaimed, University graduates entered the era of low pay!


Survey mode: through the Internet, magazines, newspapers, telephone interview with face thephenomenon of college students ‘ low pay.


Survey fact sheet: a recent college graduates, how much does it cost? University College graduate startingsalary survey, graduates earning below 1000 RMB 40.9%. 1001-2000 45.5%, 2001-3000 Yuan accounted for 9.5%, 4.1% for the more than 3000, with an average monthly income of 1550.7 Yuan.


Sex surveys, starting salaries for men and women was 1550.5 Yuan and 1561.1 Yuan respectively, there was no significant difference between the two.


According to work units nature, State, and State enterprise, and school, and city collective enterprise of up paid basic consistent, respectively for 1516.7 Yuan, and 1508.1 Yuan, and 1455.6 Yuan, and 1527.0 Yuan; foreign-funded enterprises and research units slightly high, respectively for 2040.0 Yuan and 1648.7 Yuan; various enterprise personnel of wage Supreme, for 1803.1 Yuan; various service work of income reached 1678.1 Yuan; technology auxiliary work for 1419.0 Yuan.


Moreover, it is also next to Bachelor, college graduate starting salary differences in different regions arevery large. The highest starting salaries for college graduates in Beijing at 2160.5; Guangdong second,1973.0;, Hunan and Shaanxi 1665.2 Yuan and 1520.1 Yuan respectively while in college graduate startingsalary, Shandong, Guangxi, Yunnan Yuan, 1267.6 Yuan and 1130.7 Yuan respectively.


It is learned that the work at the beginning of a student‘s abilities will certainly not be reflectedimmediately, the employer did not fully understand their situation before, it’s certainly not too high a price.Therefore, on the premise of providing training, the employer certainly won’t write out high salaries forgraduates. But after 1-3 months of trial, the General can reach 1200 Yuan a month.




First, according to the statistics, in 2003, 2.12 million college graduates in 2004, 2.8 million, and in 2005reached 3.4 million. Graduates of year by year, is obviously a year starting salary is one of the main reasonsfor the low.


Second, reasonable owing to lack of setting disciplines of universities, as well as the students ‘ lack ofunderstanding of some professional status, resulting in employment when they graduate, had to be diverted or low wage employment.


Third, only to employment in developed regions, than go to the remote areas of talent and really went towork, also contributed to employment tensions in developed areas, students pay one of the reasons for thedecline.


Also recommended:


And society, choose Professional. Students must not be two ears, yixinzhidushengxianshu, should beconcerned about society and life, fully understand the College‘s professional status and development trendof social needs and employment situation. According to the survey, the future workplace has four majortrends: increased manufacturing demand, demand of a foreign language, complex high-end talentcontinues, and remain optimistic about the IT industry. Only by fully understanding these, you won’t be atthe front entrance is taken, blindly choosing a major.


Second, improving the quality, with the strength to guarantee. And in front of those who take low-paidUniversity graduates compared to some popular professional and prestigious graduate starting salary is abit higher, especially biological and some foreign language majors. Faced with the fierce marketcompetition and the highly developed science and technology today, power can be said to determine thesalary of university graduates belong. In addition, college students to strive to improve their professionalcapacity, such as a full social, to develop good eloquence, because ultimately speaks during an interview,and if you can answer at this point, and agree, means that you’re half done. A university diploma, is anothertrump card. In addition, the students ‘ practical ability and teamwork skills are also very important.


Three prospects, heavy, light compensation. In terms of salary and opportunities for development,graduates face tough choices. Sometimes the company gives you a good salary, you were in the Office all day doing nothing; and sometimes the company just to give you a lower salary, but to provide you withtraining opportunities, take you through the Polish. Therefore, is to choose a good paying jobs with nofuture, or choose a low salary and promising work, so many fresh into society difficult choices. The answershould be clear of personal ability and experience far outweighs the immediate salary. Society‘s demand fortalent increases salary decreases, the graduates should not underestimate ourselves, and to face up to their own advantage, such as the ability to accept new things, transformation and fast, adaptable, energetic, ableto integrate into the environment as soon as possible, to enhance their employability and competitiveness.Of course, for the shortcomings he himself should have a correct understanding of, and practical abilitieslacking, plans, and so on. Human resources experts believe that students choose a career you don’t beswayed by how much salary, instead of the longer term view, down-to-earth work can be one step closer tohigh, so salary income may not let myself down. In developed areas of talent competition today, somestudents may wish to look beyond, gone to sorely needed in remote areas, although life can be rough for,less pay, but will actually go through the mill, and improve their ability to lay a solid foundation for futuredevelopment.


Four, riding donkeys to find horses, employment and development. In Guangzhou, the recruitmentcompany with an initial salary of 800 Yuan to recruit college students have been frequent. Current jobmarket, particularly in secretarial, accounting and computer applications, such as excess social demandtends to be relatively professional, graduate starting salaries average only 1000-2000 Yuan. According tostatistics, many colleges around the workplace, if two or three months to find a job, they are almost fallingsalaries. Pay pay, would be one way. Minimum starting salary of graduates has dropped to 800 Yuan.According to reliable data, in 2004, average starting salary is 1200 Yuan, declining in 2005 to 1000 Yuan, butthere‘s not five hundred or six hundred dollars to recruit undergraduate students. According to anothersurvey, graduate work nearly three months after units started to give them a raise. If delays because of lowpay jobs around, social, it is not wise.

work plan for 2014

2014, I took on the vitality of the city of West green infinite yearning, full of ideals of rural work went toZhen Yao village, Kingwood, began this village life. In the past year, under the care and guidance ofsuperiors, I’m in a practical manner, with sincerity and patience services into rural villagers, working in apositive State, with a wealth of knowledge for development, carry out from a scholar to village officialsacross. Now since the entry of the main work of the report are as follows:


First, firmly anchored beliefs, lay the Foundation


When I first arrived in the village, does not adapt to the new environment carries a perfect confidence I feltlost and confused feelings. After more than a year of work, I’ve come from the ideological to take root, anddiligent, down-to-earth work. Village Council work, large village building, economic development, andindustrial restructuring, rural civilization, from neighbour disputes, gauge people’s livelihood needs tounderstand, needs to be taken seriously. Therefore, all meetings convened by the village, I have activelyparticipated in, any big or small village, I have been seriously involved in. In order to better understandpublic opinions, I went through archives, to ask the old comrades, truly think of themselves as a member ofthe village, smoothly integrated into the Yao village collective.


Second, dedication to knowledge, inspires wisdom


Learning is thinking far more Bo, learn what he thought trapped. For we who are just out of collegecampuses, is almost a completely alien environment in rural areas, rural work is also a new area of work, noexperience can draw, which needs us to understand, learn and master, and constantly recharge. Is alwaysconcerned about major events taking place at home and abroad, to seriously study the understanding ofthe principles and policies of the party and ideological lines. To improve their political awareness andconsciousness of the party while keeping pace with the work. Second is to strengthen the theoreticalknowledge. Considering the actual situation in the village, seek economic knowledge related to a variety ofresearch and Yao village development, agricultural policies and Yao village next issues to be addressed indevelopment planning. Third, actively learning from people around. Continuously around the village, theold party members to study methods of work, the experience of learning and socializing. Myself in learninglessons from experience, grasp the essentials, in grass-roots work experience and improve their methods.


Three, do a good job, serving the grassroots masses


1, active in research. In order to successfully carry out the work, to actively research the village, oftencommunicate with veteran senior party member on the one hand, on the other hand take the opportunityto visit villagers, and villagers were talking while viewing some of the archival materials, such as, into therural work and played a good role.


2, the whole is responsible for the two risks. Health insurance and pension insurance for urban and ruralresidents and rural residents who are life policies with farmers, in order to better serve the people, I assumethe two risks. Policy advocacy to the entry system from the very beginning, from summary personnelinformation to issuing medical cards are completed under my responsibility. At work, my broad advocacypolicies, answers to serious problems of the masses. The work to further shorten the distance between meand the crowd, so that more villagers know college students village officer, people laid the Foundation forfuture work.


3, responsible for distance education. I’m actively doing site maintenance, downloading programmes on time, organize regular education of party cadres and the masses in the viewing distance, and completes therecord. According to the actual situation of the village, selecting play distance education content, to thebroad masses of party members and cadres, and disseminating rich information. Besides my village set upWi-Fi work help the village simple computer repair, printer maintenance. I keep telling myself: you want tolearn by doing, and gradually increase service capacity.


4, fully engaged learning activities. Participation in phase of the preparatory study and practice, draftingsession speeches, activities required to implement the programme summary, analysis, inspection reports,and other materials.